Dance Links

Please note that other dance groups (or "villages") may do the dances differently.

Name Country Video Notes
Adir Adirim Israeli Video with teaching, not in English, but still helpful
Ali Pascha Turkey  
Alunelul Romania Includes some teaching and (partway through) an explanation of lyrics by Mihai David
Alunelul de la Urzica Romania Live music. Starts slowly (easier for learning) and gradually speeds up
Ashrei Ha'ish Israeli  
Belasicko Macedonia  
Bordeiasul Romania This one is for Carmen and for Bill
Biserka Bojarka Serbia Pretty low energy, but the steps are the same
Bufcansko Macedonia  
Chibuk Bachashecha Israeli  
Chilili Bolivia My good friend Riki's group near Toronto, she's in the middle of the line in a purple top and black pants
Ciuleandra Romania  
Cukanoto Bulgaria Includes teaching by Yves Moreau
Damat Halayi Turkey  
Dobrudzanska Raka Bulgaria  
Dramskoto Bulgaria Includes teaching by Yves Moreau
Erev Ba Israeli  
Fatise Kolo Serbia  
Floricica Olteneasca Romania And here done by Mihai David who introduced the dance. (It's an old low-res video, reduce the video display size to improve the clarity)
Gerakina Greek  
High Green Mountain Taiwanese Aboriginal Includes teaching by France Bourque-Moreau
Hineh Ma Tov Israeli  
Hora Fetalor Romania  
Hora Mare Romania  
Hora Veche Romania  
Hoy Memo Kurdish Clearer view of the style, but only a single dancer demonstrating here in a short video
Idam ne Idam Bulgaria  
Imate li Vino Macedonia  
Ina Ina Romania  
Israel Sheli Israeli The 70th anniversary dance
Istanbul Party dance  
Ivanica Macedonian A couple differences from our group, but this is the standard form seen everywhere
Jove Male Mome Bulgarian  
Kasapsko Macedonian  
Katonti Israeli Solo demo
Krivata Bulgaria  
Lerikos Macedonian Includes instruction
Lo Ahavti Dai Israeli Every video version is a little different. None of them match ours exactly, but you can get the idea
Ma Navu (Mana Vu) Israeli  
Nabrala Je Croatia  
Nadam Kol Of Israeli couple dance  
Opa Cupa Serbia/Roma  
Pravo Rodopsko Horo Bulgaria Partway through the video they start showing the arms
Primavera en Salonico Sephardic, Greece Includes teaching by Steve Kotansky
Rustemul Romania  
Salamati Israeli  
Sarit Din Bogdan Voda Romania Video is from an Yves Moreau workshop
Sborenka (Jaap's) Bulgaria There are many Sborenka dances, this one was introduced by Jaap Leegwater.
Siriul Romania  
Somogy Karikazo Hungary  
Tino Mori Macedonia  
Trakijska Racenica Bulgaria  
Tsamikos Greece  
Vidinsko Horo Bulgaria  
Vlasko Bulgaria  
Yalla Israeli Teaching video here
Zemer Atik Israeli  

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